Workflow Automation

Ethos provides comprehensive workflow automation to perform event based operations. Integrated data flow between the communication module, payment gateway, billing module and all the other modules in the system ensure seamless delivery of healthcare services.

Event Based Triggers
System and Event Logs
Customisable Design
Manages Recurring Tasks
Auto Communication
Approvals Management
User Controls
Exception Handling
Smart Scripts
Data Backups
Data Security and Encryption
Integration Management

With integration at both, system input and output levels Ethos fetches data through APIs, excel uploads and/or emails. Data can be exported through API and file exports. Secure communication with API keys.

Custom API Integration
Bulk Upload/Download
File Exports/Imports
Whatsapp/SMS Integration
Integration with Calling Tools
Event based API Triggers
API Keys
Secure Communication
API Exception Handling
API Logs
Cardio track Theon

Effective communication is key to successful delivery. The Ethos communication module not only integrates with all the major communication channels, but also auto triggers messages at pre defined events, maintains logs and much more.

Whatsapp Integration
SMS Integration
Email Integration
Message Logs
Call Logs
Events Based Messages
Reminder Schedules
Call Recordings
Whatsapp Bots
App Notifications

A unique ethos module,health screening requirements are brodcasts to doctors for report opinion,tele consultation and Videography and to labs for home collections,ECG and other health screening requirements Improves turn around time and delivey efficiency

Unbiased Case Allocation
Reduce Time to Connect
Auto Lab Allocation
Auto Doctor Allocation
Auto TPA Allocation
Improves Team Efficiency
No Pre Doctor Appt Needed
ECG Opinion in 15 Minutes
Doctor Connect in 2 Minutes
Immediate TPA/Lab Allocation
People Independent Processes
Provider Management

Ethos connects all the key stakeholders on a single platform including doctors, labs and home health screening technicians for seamless healthcare delivery. Providers have their customized logins on Ethos, both on browsers as well as, through apps.

Lab Portal
Doctor Portal
TPA Management
Browser and App Based Access
Single Sign On with MFA
Provider Due Diligence
Portal Based Communication
Auto Case Allocation
Auto Status Update
Geo Location Tracking
Providers Rating

Ethos takes away monthly billing reconciliation needs by automating the billing process, both on the provider side and on the customer side. It also makes billing real time on the delivery level, by integrating with invoicing and payment gateways.

Auto Billing for Every Order
Rates Configuration
Health Package Configuration
Ancillary Cost Management
Service Charge Configuration
Billing Flows for Special Cases
Approval Flows for Extra Costs
Payment Gateway Integrated
Integrates to Invoicing
Provider Access to Billing Data
Generate Auto Reports
Delivery Management

Ethos offers various modules to maintain seamless tracking and delivery of healthcare services. From auto case registration, order tracking, quality checks, scheduled delivery and escalation management, every small but important step is integrated under one integrated platform.

Auto Case Registration
Status Tracker
Workflow Validation
Auto Case Allocation
Provider Interfaces
Auto Communication
Quality Management
Data Consolidation
Video MER with Digital Reports
Bulk Report Download
Data Analytics

Ethos records and delivers digital medical parameters at source through IoT enabled diagnostics grade medical devices. It also has the capability to digitise pathology and other reports through with fair accuracy for deeper faster insights into the health records of the consumer.

Digital ECG+++
Digital Medical Exam Report
Path Report Digitisation
Rule Based Data Validation
Health Data Visualisation
Health Data Analysis
Health Data Visualisation
Report Mirroring Validations
Health Trajectory Analysis
Claim Form Digitisation
Integration with Underwriting