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Artificial intelligence capabilities

Anyone can be easily trained in less than 20 minutes to use Cardiotrack. No prior medical qualifications are required.

Artificial intelligence capabilities

Cardiotrack is robust and capable of performing efficiently in harsh weather conditions and can take 100 ECGs on a single charge.

Artificial intelligence capabilities

The GP gets an alert once the ECG scan has been diagnosed by the cardiologist or by the Artificial Intelligence platform. The patient gets an alert as well so that both parties are informed.

Artificial intelligence capabilities

The Cardiotrack Health Sensor connects to any Android display via Bluetooth, making it easy to get a reading right away. No wait time. No unnecessary hassles.

The Cardiotrack Platform


Cardiotrack stands for affordable cardiac care and brings portability to healthcare diagnostics. Cardiotrack health sensors provide clinical grade reading for 12-lead ECG, SpO2 and blood pressure.The clinical grade ECG reading is displayed via Bluetooth on an Android smartphone or tablet.

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Cardiotrack Sensors

Sensors provide health diagnostics data of the patient. Currently three sensors are available: 12-lead diagnostic grade ECG, blood oxygen saturation level and blood pressure.

Portable ECG Machine

Cardiotrack Mobile App: The App displays, analyzes and stores the patient’s diagnostic reports.


Cardiotrack Cloud Services: Cloud based servers provide secure storage of patient records on a private cloud facilitating remote patient monitoring as well as access to medical records.


Cardiotrack Intervention: A tele-intervention platform that allows the physician to connect with specialists and hospitals to initiate intervention.

With less than 10,000 cardiologists taking care of the heart health needs of India artificial intelligence enhanced cardiac care platforms like Cardiotrack will do tremendous good.

Innovation in healthcare is urgently required especially in rural India and Cardiotrack fills that need. The fact that other countries have also opted for this solution proves it efficiency and effectiveness.

Cardiotrack – The Artificial Intelligence Powered Cardiac Care Platform

Cardiac Care Platform

Cardiotrack is the complete platform for the diagnosis and interpretation of cardiovascular and related diseases.

Cardiotrack uses AI, machine learning and data analytics to provide accurate predictive diagnosis for faster intervention. This ensures that even if a cardiologist is not immediately available, an accurate diagnosis is done which translates to a life saved.

It is continuously working with researchers and organizations globally to continuously enhance and improve the platform. Currently, Cardiotrack is being used in countries as diverse as Indonesia, Mexico, Myanmar, USA, Spain and India …and the feedback has been encouraging.


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Project Dhadkan

Bhavnagar District Office has partnered with Cardiotrack to convert its healthcare centres to Artificial Intelligence …

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