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Dhadakan Initiative at Bhavnagar District

Digital Health at Gujarat’s Primary Health Centres

Bhavnagar District Office has partnered with Cardiotrack to convert its healthcare centres to Artificial Intelligence based smart heart diagnostics centres at zero capital expenditure.

Public Private Partnership

We are keen to partner with district offices and extend the initiative to other districts to be able to reach more lives and save livelihoods.

Heart Health Care at its Best

Smart medical devices and AI can transform lives with reliable diagnostics, monitoring and preventive measures. Heart illness is a silent killer. Let’s change the perception together.


Cardiotrack is a smart health diagnostics platform with integrated handheld devices and Artificial Intelligence engine for auto diagnosis of heart conditions which helps in early diagnosis of the illness and to save crucial time for heart patients.


Dhadakan is an initiative of Bhavnagar District Office to provide access to reliable and quick diagnostics at public health centres and immediate intervention through tertiary care. With this initiative we are estimating to save a 1000 lives in 6 months.

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