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In the village of Gudageri, Taluk Kundagol, District Dharwad in Karnataka – far, far away from the sophistication of city medical care lived a poor farmer Hajaresab Rajesab Killedar. Like many of his kind he was a compulsive smoker and did not consider that it could kill him.

Luckily for him, the medical clinic closest to the village is run by Dr Mahesh Gadiginmath, who is a strong believer in the capabilities of his @Cardiotrack ECG monitor (http://cardiotrack.io/).

Dr Mahesh sees about 30-40 patients per day in his tiny clinic. Hajaresab’s village has a population of about 10,000. People from nearby villages also come to his clinic. The doctor told me that he sends patients requiring critical care to hospitals nearby. And so it was with Hajaresab. When he came to see the doctor he was sweating and complained of chest pain. The doctor immediately hooked him up to @Cardiotrack. The AI (artificial intelligence) component in the device immediately and accurately diagnosed the problem as inferior wall myocardial infarction.

Hajaresab was rushed to the nearest hospital in Hubbali town and a life was saved. @Cardiotrack co-founders @Avin Agarwal and @Ashim Roy have always passionately believed in the tremendous possibilities of the device. Dr Mahesh says that of the many patients he sees every month at least 12 or more have serious heart problems.

You do the math.

Preventive cardiac care is the only effective way to ensure that cardiovascular diseases do not continue to orphan families. Hajaresab’s family has felt the full force of this. As for Dr Mahesh, he refers to @Cardiotrack’s AI capabilities as ‘my friend’.

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