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Make a Difference to Rural India with Gramin Health Care and IFFCO

Gramin works on the simple and effective principle of – transforming healthcare delivery in the under-served markets. To make this happen the company has teamed up with IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited) to enhance the quality of life of people living in rural India by providing them with high quality medical services.

Gramin realized that Cardiotrack would be the ideal partner on this revolutionary journey and today that partnership continues to yield results. The company sees Cardiotrack as a long-term partner describing this relationship in the following words.

“You’ve been right there, helping out wherever needed for these past few months. From supplying products on time – we couldn’t have done it without your support. GHC really values your contribution and the time that you spent on us to make this transition go well.”

Handheld ECG device
Gramin Healthcare

The requirement

Gramin Healthcare needed a robust, affordable product, with high calibre diagnostic capabilities which it found in Cardiotrack. Additionally, Cardiotrack also has its own panel of cardiologists so there is additional diagnostic back-up should there be a need.

Besides being affordable and robust, the Cardiotrack platform offers the best in terms of technology which makes it invaluable in a rural area where the possibility of not having a doctor at hand is very real. Meeting all the requirements and more has ensured that GHC can keep its promise of ‘quality healthcare for rural India’.

GHC runs 30 healthcare clinics in UP, Haryana, West Bengal and Bihar. There are plans to add more clinics.