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Monterrey, an industrial city in northeastern Mexico, is home to more than 4.5 million people. Founded by Diego de Montemayor in 1596, the city sits at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range.

Monterrey is the biggest city in the state of Nuevo Leon bordering Texas to the north. The city is well supported by excellent roads and a good public transport system. The Santa Catarina river flows through Monterrey and though usually dry on the surface, it has flowing underground water.

Locals feel that Monterrey is a blessed city since one of the hilltops resembles a bishop’s headgear giving rise to the nickname Cerro de las Mitras (bishop’s hat). The locals may well be right because Monterrey has the highest GDP in Mexico.

Proteccion Civil Rescue 911 service provides emergency and ambulatory services to the inhabitants of this city. Its bright red color vans are dispatched to the scene as soon as an accident or incident is reported. Until a couple of months ago, the paramedics did not have any means of checking the cardiovascular health of a patient at the accident scene. Fernando Vásquez is a paramedic with Proteccion Civil Rescue 911’s unit # R07 that serves the San Pedro neighborhood. He has recently been trained to use Cardiotrack, a handheld ECG monitor that allows him to transfer the patient data instantaneously to the hospital that is nearest to scene of accident. Fernando was so excited to have the Cardiotrack unit that he purchased a sturdy plastic toolbox to carry this prized possession. Since the rescue service was cash strapped, he decided to use his money.

Thanks to Cardiotrack paramedics can now capture a patient’s ECG in their mobile units, have more information about the vital signs of the patient at the scene of the accident and initiate immediate medical intervention protocol by sharing the ECG with an emergency unit and/or hospital before the patient arrives at the hospital.

I had the opportunity to meet Fernando just for a few minutes before the dispatcher received a call from an old lady whose cat was stranded on the rooftop. As Fernando was climbing his Emergency 911 van to rescue the cat, I told him he wouldn’t need Cardiotrack for this trip. Fernando smiled back and said, “Never leave home without it!”.

Cardiotrack is a product of uber Diagnostics headquartered in Singapore.