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Eduardo Serna Barragan discovered Cardiotrack in 2016 and has since then never stopped using it in his company, ProMedic’s fleet of ambulances. He sees Cardiotrack as the right cardiac care platform that can save lives in developing countries like Mexico.

Cardiotrack is now available in Spanish and Portuguese to accommodate the cardiac care needs of such regions. And as Eduardo commented, ‘my own experience has been so good’, the case is made for the presence of Cardiotrack the Latin world.

The requirement

ProMedic required a cardiac care platform that was mobile, tough, provided accurate diagnostics and could be taken around easily in an ambulance. Cardiotrack scored on all these counts. In an emergency when an ambulance arrives to pick up a patient it is critical that the ambulance is fully equipped to handle all possible exigencies, especially the cardiovascular health of the patient.

Today, the company’s ambulances are always equipped with Cardiotrack allowing paramedics to have details of the patient’s vital signs so that immediate medical intervention can be initiated. The ECG can be shared with the emergency unit and/or the hospital even before the patient reaches.

It is possible to measure the blood glucose level and total cholesterol level of a person using the device. The data is synced to cloud and will be available for any future reference. With the new sensors in place along with ECG and NIBP, a healthcare professional can get a overall view of the patient’s health parameters.

One platform gives ECG reading and blood glucose level and cholesterol level. Complete health parameters in one go. Now just imagine how many lives it can save.

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