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Team Cardiotrack celebrates Swachh Bharat day

The fact that India can set standards in cleanliness is something that India’s Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi firmly believes in and is doing his utmost to fire this passion in all Indians.

On Oct 2 nd to commemorate the spirit of Swachh Bharat (Clean India) a group of Cardiotrackers decided to add a helping hand to this dream of the PM. Armed with brooms and a ‘we-will- make-a- difference’ attitude they set about cleaning up a particularly dirty corner across from the office. From CEO and COO to office assistant, the group worked shoulder to shoulder with a small team from the local municipality office and cleaned up the corner. The wall there was painted by them and even a small garden was planted to take the message forward.

The group effort was met with curiosity from passers-by and the neighbours but nothing could dampen their spirits. And now it has been decided that Cardiotrack will nurture and take care of this garden and keep the corner of garbage. A nation can move forward on the wings of the efforts of its citizens and Cardiotrack intends to fly high.