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About Cardiotrack

Cardiotrack is a disruptive healthcare diagnostics company that is making heart healthcare more accessible and efficient. The company’s mission is to significantly reduce the cost of diagnosis through continuous innovation.

This artificial intelligence cardiac care solution addresses key challenges especially in under-served areas where the right, on-time diagnosis can make a life-changing difference.

The Cardiotrack m-Health platform allows primary care physicians to view ECG data captured by the IoT sensors, store patient records for easy retrieval and send the information for secure storage in the cloud. And now with AI capabilities added to it, the result is a one of a kind product. The ECG signals can be analyzed with a high degree of accuracy to identify specific heart conditions.

Every scan taken by it is clinical grade and allows for easy diagnosis making it possible for healthcare providers to deliver quality service especially in semi-urban areas. The Cardiotrack platform combines high-end technology in medical electronics with data analytics, cloud storage and diagnostics workflow management.

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Ashim Roy (Experience 30+ years)

Ashim’s technology journey has crisscrossed countries and continents and he brings diversity and depth of experience to his role of co-founder and CEO of uber Diagnostics. Ashim did his BE in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from BITS, Pilani; Masters from IIT, Delhi and PhD from the University of Adelaide. He has spent about 24 years in the telecom world most of it in the US and holds several patents. He has been an adjunct professor at Catholic University, Washington DC.

Ashim revels in the challenges and highs of the start-up world and is a fierce proponent of technology that benefits the under-served masses.

Avin Agarwal (Experience 10+ years)

Avin and medical electronics have shared a strong bond since the time he graduated in engineering from VTU, Bangalore. Over the years his passion for the subject has only grown stronger and he brings that hands-on knowledge and understanding to his role of co-founder and COO of uber Diagnostics. He has worked in the Netherlands but the call of making a mark in his chosen field was too strong for him. He returned to India and dived straight into the excitement of the medical electronics world.
Avin has received a grant from the prestigious Gates Foundation for diagnostic research and holds a patent. He is a strong believer in preventive healthcare and in the immense benefits that it offers.

Ravindran Govindan (Experience 30+ years)

Mr. Ravindran Govindan, also known as Ravi, LLB, is the Chairman of the company. Mr. Govindan is head of the Asia Pacific Region for Latona Associates Inc., a New York based private investment and financial advisory firm. He is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Mercatus Ventures Capital. He founded Mercatus Capital in 2006 and serves as its Executive Chairman. He is a Co-Founder of Ascendent Technologies Pte Ltd. and Horizon Education & Technologies Ltd. He served as Managing Director and Executive Chairman of Matrixview Ltd. until May 23, 2006. Mr. Govindan served as President of Fisher Scientific Group of companies for the Asia Pacific Region. He previously directed Fisher Scientific International’s businesses in the Asia Pacific region. He served as Executive Chairman of Agenix Ltd. from June 13, 2000 to December 2004. Mr. Govindan is a vastly experienced businessman whose business interests include investments, finance, technology, telecommunications, property and retail.

Dr. Jonas de Jong (Experience 13+ years)

Cardiologist & electrophysiologist. Specialized in cardiac arrhythmias, catheterablation of arrhythmias, and ICD/CRTD/pacemaker implantation. Special interest in education. Founder of ECGpedia and the Cardionetworks Foundation. A non-profit that improves access to medical knowledge. Scientific interest in surviving sudden cardiac death and electrocardiography.

Dr. Gopi Aniyathodiyil (Experience 15+ years)

Dr. Gopi Aniyathodiyil is an eminent cardiologist with over 15 year’s experience. He has almost 10,000 diagnostic and 1700 interventional procedures to his credit. He’s a consultant interventionalist cardiologist with Fortis Hospital in Bangalore.
As Cardiotrack’s on-panel cardiologist he brings very specific skills which will enhance the range and scope of the platform.

Dr. Anish Joshi (Experience 9+ years)

Dr Anish Joshi is a highly acclaimed critical care specialist in Ahmedabad. He advises the Cardiotrack team with the objective of making the platform more robust and efficient. He believes in the philosophy that unless healthcare is made more democratic the nation will not prosper.

Dr Joshi has many years of experience in top hospitals like Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai where he learned first hand how vital the first line of defense is in the treatment of any patient.

Govind Rajagopalan (Experience 30+ years)

Govind has many years of experience across the length and breadth of the medical devices world which includes cardiology, cardiac surgery, nephrology, neurology, anesthesia, urology and several more. He has set up subsidiaries in India for many high-tech European multinationals and has a deep interest in the medical field.

Govind brings this knowledge and experience to Cardiotrack as well as his passion to ensure that the best medical technology solutions are made available to economically challenged patients.